News: Bad Economy Brings 3 Buck Bites

March 22, 2009

3buckbitesWhen it comes to spending money I’ve never been one to turn down an incredible dinner at one of my favorite restaurants because it’s too expensive.  I’d rather splurge on a perfectly cooked steak or a delicious new dish than on a dress or electronics.  But as I get ready to leave college and face the grim prospect of finding a job in the seriously railroaded architecture industry, I am faced an unavoidable fact: I will very soon be flat broke.  Needless to say this has completely demolished my tendency toward fine dining.

Enter 3 Buck Bites, Citysearch’s remedy for the monetarily-challenged.  Foodies who have searched their local area for the best and cheapest food they can find can submit pictures and reviews of restaurants and dishes, and the best part is that everything is $3.99 or less!  Essentially this is the Dollar Menu for people who like good food (except not even Subway’s $5 footlong could make it onto this list). Read the rest of this entry »