Edy’s Loaded Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

March 17, 2009

edys-loaded4I am now officially on a hunt to find the best tasting chocolate ice cream out there that won’t make me gain 20 pounds in a single sitting.  So logically, I go into the grocery store and pick up a carton of what seems to be the most extreme and delicious flavor I can below 200 calories per serving: Edy’s Loaded Chocolate Fudge Brownie (for those of you in a different part of the country, Edy’s is also known as Dreyer’s).  The carton design is so crazy I could barely even wait to go home and give it a taste (I mean seriously, it makes you think that brownies will actually be exploding out of the ice cream).

Needless to say, the best part about this ice cream was the carton.  I was surprised, considering the fact that I had heard some rather exuberant reviews of it from friends.  However, the ice cream failed to live up to expectations.  Despite the low calorie content (120 per 1/2 cup), I would’ve felt better about splurging and digging into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  While there was both a decent chocolate taste and an abundance of brownie pieces in the Loaded ice cream, I had a serious issue with the texture in every component.  To best describe it, the ice cream simply seemed “off” to me.  An inspection of the carton revealed why: this isn’t actually ice cream!  Edy’s has labelled it a “frozen dairy dessert”, which may explain why it lacks the rich, dense creaminess that I expect when eating ice cream.  The only creaminess it does have seems artificial and airy, not to mention that the stuff didn’t even seem frozen.  It had been sitting in my freezer for quite some time, and the travel time between the grocery store and my house is about 5 minutes, yet the ice cream was way too easy to scoop to be real.  I even dug way down in the carton thinking maybe the layer on top had melted a bit.  It made no difference; essentially it was more like a glorified mousse.  Likewise, the brownie pieces were less than stellar, not to mention too small.  It was as if the brownies were overcooked before being mixed in, making them way to hard and chewy (but not in a good way).  In the end, this is not an ice cream I will be buying again.  When I want ice cream, I want real ice cream.  I don’t want some sad imitation glop that in no way satisfies my need to sit down with the carton armed only with a spoon.  Bad form, Edy’s.  Next time get it right.

Stars: 2/5

Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1/2 Cup.  120 Calories.  35 Calories from Fat.  4g Fat.  1.5g Saturated Fat.  0g Trans Fat.  10mg Cholesterol.  55mg Sodium.  19g Carbohydrates.  1g Dietary Fiber.  13g Sugar.  3g Protein.  2% Vitamin A.  4% Calcium.  4% Iron.  3 WW Points.

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Trader Joe’s Barbeque Popped Potato Chips

March 3, 2009
The barbeque kind looks just like these, but the bag is bright orange

The barbeque kind looks just like these, but the bag is bright orange

I am always on the lookout for a way to fulfill my desire for potato chips without giving myself a heart attack from all the saturated fat I would be consuming by eating a bag of Utz everyday.  I keep coming across various forms of “popped chips” in grocery stores lately, so when I was at Trader Joe’s I snatched up a bag of Trader Joe’s Barbeque Popped Potato Chips.  What are popped potato chips?  Not fried or baked, they’re potato chips cooked under heat and pressure until they “pop”.  Apparently this means they’re much healthier than regular chips.  Side-by-side with Lay’s Barbeque Potato Chips, they contain 30 less calories for a 1 oz serving (in the case of the Trader Joe’s chips, this translates to about 19 chips) and less than half the fat.  They are also free of saturated fat and cholesterol.  They do, however, contain 20 g of carbohydrates to Lay’s 15 .  Curious, I looked at the ingredients.  The first ones named are potato flour, potato starch safflower oil and/or sunflower oil, barbecue seasoning, onion and garlic powder.  In a nutshell it sounded like a pretty darn good combination of flavors.

Assured that these would not, in fact, kill me, I gave them a try.  In one word, these are AWESOME and not lacking in flavor like the sad cardboard excuses for potato chips that baked chips are.  Each od the popped chips has a very generous amount of the barbecue seasoning on it, giving the chips the necessary bright orange color.  The seasoning had a nice smoky, spicy mesquite flavor to it.  They are roughly the same size as regular potato chips, although they are circular and slightly thicker and airier and seemingly grease-less (they do, however, still have a fantastic crunch to them).  My only complaint is that they were a little too salty, but it did keep me from eating the whole bag.  Overall though, these were absolutely incredible and have officially become my new favorite potato chip!  I will have to try the regular store version (Popchips) in comparison.

Stars: 5/5

Nutritional Information: Serving Size: 19 chips (28g).  Calories: 120.  Total fat: 4 g.  Saturated fat: 0 g.  Total Carbs: 20 g.  Protein: 1 g.  3 Weight Watchers Points

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