Food-isms of the Day

  • Oatmeal for a dollar!  Print out your coupon and go get some delicious oatmeal at Jamba Juice right now!
  • The James Beard Awards are announced!  Check out the full list.  Anyone else a little disappointed by the food blogger nominees?  They’re One Block Diet, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook and BA Foodist.  There are so many more innovative and more entertaining blogs out there by highly qualified people!
  • The Bread Art Project wants you to make your own bread art!  The best part?  For every piece you create, $1 gets donated to Feeding America.
  • Just when you thought people might start eating healthier, America proves us wrong once again.  Although if you want one meal for two days this will do the trick.  And if you can finish this monstrosity, you get a free t-shirt.  That is, if you can still fit into it…
  • There are a lot of things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, but when did using “eco-friendly ice cubes” become one of them?!  Useful overseas where water isn’t clean, but in America?  How far are people going to go with this stuff?
  • I love coffee.  I love ice cream.  This is heavenStarbucks has teamed up with Unilever instead of the massively inferior Dreyer’s.  Unilever is the maker of both Ben & Jerry’s and Breyers.  B&J’s will always be number one on my list, and Breyer’s still destroys Dreyer’s in any match-up.  I’m already searching for where I can find these cartons of delight, not to mention ice cream bars!
  • In Chicago, the cops are called when a special at El Pollo Loco caused a complete mob of people looking for some low-priced chicken.  I guess people were taking the name El Pollo Loco (The Crazy Chicken) a little too literally!

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