News: Jacques Torres To Make Ice Cream

jacquestorresFor anyone who’s ever had Jacques Torres super-thick, super-incredible Hot Chocolate or his highly addictive chocolate chip cookies, something may be on the books for you: Jacques Torres ice cream! The Huffington Post revealed that he is now considering opening an ice cream shop complete with seating next door to his first chocolate store in Brooklyn.   Furthermore, we might have an ice cream truck on the books! I don’t even want to think how long the line would be for that truck if it started trolling the streets of Manhattan.  If it does, though, expect to see me there. I have in fact been known to wait almost two hours in line for Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago when the irresistible urge hits me.   Currently he sells ice cream sandwiches during the summer (which I’ve never had, but I’ve heard amazing things), but the new store would be selling “ice cream with chocolate and passion fruit, raspberry, peanut butter, banana”.   Sounds delicious!  There’s nothing like going out for good homemade ice cream.

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